5 Basic Tips to Picture-perfect Newborn Photos

‘As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.’

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Parenthood is the start of a new adventure. The first few days will be full of surprises, especially for first-time parents. In the midst of all the fun and excitement, it would be great to have a way to look back on this life-changing event by keeping photographs of your newborn. Photographing newborns is more challenging than any other photo session. It requires a lot of planning and preparation to make the session successful.

As the infancy days are fleeting, parents will usually need to capture photos quickly. This is why most parents prefer to hire an expert newborn photographer in Melbourne, like myself, Amanda Lui Photography, to capture high quality images.

However, you may still want to learn some pointers on how to capture your baby’s ‘perfect moment’ when a professional is not around to capture it on camera.

Learning these basic tips on how to take newborn photos can make a difference in the quality of your pictures.

Find the perfect angles

One of the biggest challenges that you’ll face when taking snaps of your baby is finding the right angle to shoot from. Don’t give up, there are many ways of doing it right. One way is to get down to eye level with your newborn. Stretch up beside him or her and start snapping adorable pictures as he or she yawns, smiles or sleeps.

Focus on details

Newborns have a natural glow. Focus on this magical aspect when taking pictures of your little one. To get more intimate photos, try doing close up shots. Highlight your baby’s sparkling eyes, long eyelashes, tiny toes, chubby cheeks and perfect little ears. Create a collage of these adorable images and you’ll have the best baby pictures that your family and friends can admire for years to come.

Play with colours

Birth marks, bumps and blotchy skin, these small imperfections are natural among newborns. With the help of editing tools like Photoshop, you can play with curves and levels and different colour variations to enhance the beauty of your shots. You can also try experimenting by taking images in black and white. Use the contrast to create elegant, monochromatic images that contain depth.

Fill the frame and scale it right

Your newborn should take centre stage in your pictures. Make sure that the photos are all about him or her by keeping the background as simple as possible. You don’t need fussy outfits or elaborate backgrounds to obtain great shots. All you need is to properly scale the photo. Emphasise how small your baby is by using two contrasting elements: the vastness of the background against the size of your child. For example, if you have a king-sized bed or a huge sofa, place the baby in the middle and take a great landscape shot.

Keep a camera handy

To ensure that you never miss out on that perfect moment to snap beautiful photos of your newborn, keep a camera handy. Set your camera in continuous shooting mode so when the perfect opportunity strikes, you are ready to capture those valuable moments with your child.

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Not only am I passionate about my work, but have a knack for bringing out the true personalities of you and your baby, giving you picture-perfect shots that reflect real moments and emotions. Through my photos, I hope you will see the bond you share with your child.

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